Made of non-allergenic stainless steel with a link chain and secure clasp, these Lymphedema alert bracelets are sturdy, practical, and affordable.
The face of the bracelet sports an engraved medical symbol and the phrases "Lymphedema - no bp/iv/needles this arm"

For patients who have had lymph nodes removed on one side of the body, the lymphedema bracelet should be worn on wrist of the arm involved in surgery, denoting that surgery was performed on that side of the body. For patients who had bilateral lymph node removal, the bracelets can help make healthcare professionals aware of the patients surgical history and proceed with caution when drawing blood or performing other medical procedures on that limb.

Why breast cancer and lymphedema bracelets are critical in emergencies

There's no time to make phone calls or wait for cellular operators to find and relay your medical history. It's now or never!
Paramedics want it all. And they want it instantly. Only a medical bracelet is this fast because it's always firmly on your wrist.
Warn doctors and nurses not to take blood pressure, inject medication or draw blood to avoid serious injury to arms and limbs affected by lymphedema.