In order to be more likely to serve more customers, our product material is varied,

All of our jewelry is appropriate for hand-washing and showering, but Beaded, sterling, and macrame (cotton and leather) bracelets are not suitable for more customers who are more likely to serve more customers, our products are diverse For wear in pools and hot tub,

If you require waterproof, we highly recommend stainless steel,titanium, and silicone medical ID jewelry.

Engraved with personal information medical id jewelry can protect everyone,with the following conditions, we strongly recommend wearing medical id jewelry:


Adrenal Insufficiency  Allergies (General)  Allergy to Cephalosporins

Allergy to Contrast Dye   Allergy to Morphine   Allergy to Penicillin

Allergy to Stinging Insects (Wasps and Bees)  Allergy to Sulfa Drugs

Alzheimer's   Anemia   Arrhythmia   Asthma   Athletes

Atrial Fibrillation   Autism   Bariatric Surgery  Blood Disorder

Blood Thinners   Breast Cancer   Caregiver   Celiac Disease

Cerebral Palsy   Chronic Medical Conditions   Clinical Trial Participant

Cochlear Implant   Cognitive Disabilities   COPD

Cystic Fibrosis   Dementia   Developmental Disabilities

Diabetes   Drug Allergies   Epilepsy   Food Allergies

Gastric Bypass/Sleeve   Hearing Impairment   Heart Condition

Heart Stents   Hemophilia   High Blood Pressure

Hypertension   Hyperthyroidism   Hypothyroidism

Kidney Failure   Long QT Syndrome   Lymphedema

Mastectomy   Memory Impairment   Mental Health Disorders

Metal Implants   Mitral Valve Prolapse   Multiple Sclerosis

No MRI   Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity   On Multiple Medications

Organ Donor   Organ Transplant   Pacemaker

Parkinson's Disease   Rare Diseases   Seizure Disorder

Sickle Cell Anemia   Special Needs   Steroid Treatment

Stroke   Tourette Syndrome   Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Type 1 Diabetes   Type 2 Diabetes   Vision Impairment

Von Willebrand's   Weight Loss Surgery

95% of first responders report they check the neck and both wrists of unresponsive patients, so despite the type of medical ID you choose, in an emergency, your medical ID may advocate for you.


Interchangeable medical ID bracelets: When you opt for an interchangeable medical ID, you’re purchasing a bracelet strand with lobster clasps at both ends and a removable medical ID tag. You can purchase multiple strands and continue using the same medical ID tag. If any of your personal information changes, you can simply replace the custom-engraved medical ID tag.


Fashion integration of medical ID bracelets: This bracelet is not interchangeable, but the design of fashion, generous, for young people, is a good choice, it can meet with the medical information,But also to meet people's pursuit of beautiful fashion


Medical ID Cuffs: Cuffs are extremely easy to wear. Pull gently to open, put it on, and squeeze tighter for just the right fit every time. Cuffs are an excellent option for people who experience swelling of the extremities, those with dexterity challenges, and those who have had bariatric surgery and are looking for the ultimate in adjustability.


Medical ID necklaces and custom-engravable dog tags: Sometimes, people simply prefer medical ID necklaces to bracelets. Other times, people choose necklaces because they cannot wear bracelets in the workplace.

Lack of exercise, environmental pollution, work stress and biological genetic so that modern people have produced many chronic diseases! Sudden onset, if not get timely treatment, may endanger life.


Over 60 million Americans have a medical condition,Ambulance take patients to the ER over 16 million times each year.80% of which is caused by chronic diseases.


which should be immediately known by first responders in the event of an emergency. EMT and first responders are trained to look for a medical alert. Medical identification alerts first responders to your vital medical information as well as your name and emergency contact information. With proper medical identification, a first responder may be made aware of your condition, providing the information that may assist them in treating you properly.


Accurate and clear personal information can help the ambulance staff to quickly understand your situation,

Other first responder in the event that you are unable to communicate for yourself.

We recommend you engrave:

Your First and Last Name

Medical Condition(s)

Treatment Considerations

Food and Drug Allergies

Emergency Contact Number with area code


When listing a medication, be sure to indicate whether you are taking this medication or are allergic to it. EG: ON STEROIDS vs STEROID ALLERGY

ICE is recognized as an abbreviation for “In Case of Emergency” and is commonly listed before your emergency phone number instead of a name.


For more information and sample engravings, please visit our Engraving Info page.

Some commonly medical condition abbreviations for your reference:

ALGY/ALGYS - Allergy/Allergies

AVR - Aortic Valve Replacement

ASA - Aspirin

A-FIB - Atrial Fibrillation

BP - Blood Pressure

CA - Cancer

CKD - Chronic Kidney Disease

COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

CHF - Coronary Heart Disease

CF - Cystic Fibrosis

DEFIB - Defibrillator/Defibrillation

DVT - Deep Vein Thrombosis

DNR - Do Not Resuscitate

EPI - Epinephrine

EPIPEN - Epinephrine Pen (auto-injector)

HBP - High Blood Pressure

HTN - Hypertension

ICE - In Case of Emergency

IV - Intravenous

MVP - Mitral Valve Prolapse

NKA - No Known Allergies

NKDA - No Known Drug Allergies

NO NSAIDS - No Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

PCN - Penicillin

T1D/T2D - Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes

TCN - Tracheotomy

TX - Transplant or Treatment

VWD - Von Willebrand’s Disease

No, once an item has been engraved, it cannot be returned or exchanged.

If your order has been executed engraving, that is unlikely to change.So, we have repeatedly remind customers, you need to double review of engraving information you provide, every word must be carefully checked.

Size & custom

Whether you’re ordering a bracelet, it’s important your MedicID store emblem fits comfortably around your wrist. Please use this information to select your correct bracelet size. If you’re ordering a necklace, dog tag, or other MedicAlert product, look at the item’s “product specifications” for sizing information.


To determine your size, snugly wrap a tape measure around your wrist. Note the measurement, then add half an inch. This is the size MedicID store bracelet you’ll need.




For example: If your wrist measures 7 inches around, you’ll need to order a 7.5 inch bracelet.

Most of our metal chains are customizable in half inch increments. Sizes range from 5 to 10 inches. Stretch bands, sports bands, watches, and beaded bracelets come in set sizes. You may view their available sizes under the item’s “product specifications”.


You can select the size of your product once it is added to your cart

If you like yourself, entirely possible, just need a few simple tools, you can do it,

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>Warranty Policy

We warranty all of our products for 180 days against manufacturer defects and breakage. If your Medical id product breaks within 180 days, We will send replacement parts or replace you directly for you free. 

Please follow these instructions. 

Photographed Jewelry defects and breakage details photo and your order ID number together to send an email to us,we will be in accordance with your photo assessment is applicable to the warranty terms,

For compliance with the warranty terms,we will replace you for a new product for free,  (if it is interchangeable ID, we may be just for you to replace the defective parts, such as: the id tags medical id symbol enamel off, we'll send you a new id Tags to you)


When you receive your order, please review the items carefully for any defects or errors. The warranty does not include:


  • Repairs made by anyone other than our skilled jewelry team
  • Scratching or dents that come from everyday use
  • Lost/misplaced products
  • Change after order in engraving information. Please double check all spelling and engraving upon submission. We are not responsible for any misspelling or information incorrectly submitted.
  • If you do not measure your wrist and select the incorrect size.

Our bracelets and necklaces are warranteed against breakage for 180 days from the date of original purchase. This covers beads, jewelry wire, stranding materials (leather, paracord, stainless steel, etc.), clasps, links, rings, magnetic closures, necklaces, moving parts, and other bracelet and necklace hardware. If these items fail within the first six months, we will replace your item free of charge.


  • Repairs in the first 180 days: No charge-A direct replacement for the new one
  • Repairs after 180 days:$15 per bracelet plus shipping and handling,If you are willing to repair your own bracelet, just need to replace the accessories, only need to bear the freight, we can provide you free accessories

Like new, unengraved items can be returned within 30 days of purchase. Engraved items are not eligible for refund.