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Mermaid Medical id bracelets for girl & Women with Free engraving

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  •  Elegant swimming maidaid design medical id bracelet made of 316L stainless steel, Fine polished, not only stainless steel color, as well as black, gold and rose gold.
  • All colors are PVD vacuum plating, environmental protection, no heavy metals, not allergies, long time does not fade
  • Only 7mm width Narrow body design links, the most suitable for girls wrist.
  • Free engraving services make the font clear and easy to read.
  • IMPORTANT:Double Check spelling, grammar, & phone numbers before ordering. Engraving cannot be changed.
  • We have prepared a free Medical alert id wallet card for you, you can record more information on Medical alert id wallet card
  • High quality Free engraving services make the font clear and easy to read.
This Elegant design Stainless steel medical id bracelet customized specifically for women,
The whole bracelet is like a swimming mermaid.each link is very flexible, polished fine, worn in the hand makes you feel very comfortable, exquisite workmanship let it be you not a rare jewelry, high quality laser engraved black word on the back, easier to read.

If you are looking for a Medical Alert bracelets,this will be the best choice because you can wear a very long time.
Common reasons for wearing a Medical Identification Bracelets are:

(1) Physical Allergies including Insect Bites, Pollens, Food Types;
(2) Physical Conditions including Heart Conditions, Seizures, RNY Gastric Bypass, Asthma;
(3) Medical Allergies including Medicines, Latex, Chemical; (
4) Medical Conditions including Diabetes, ITP, Autism, Alzheimers.

In an emergency, should you become confused or unable to communicate, your medical alert bracelet provides the initial awareness to first responders that you have an existing medical condition. Emergency medical personnel are trained to look for identifying information signaled by the "Medical ID" found on all of our products. Upon identifying your condition, the responder can more quickly and accurately diagnose and treat you.


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How to choose the correct size?

To determine your size, snugly wrap a tape measure around your wrist. Note the measurement, then add half an inch. This is the size bracelet you’ll need.
For example: If your wrist measures 7 inches around, you’ll need to order a 7.5 inch bracelet.
Most of our metal chains are customizable in half inch increments. Sizes range from 5 to 10 inches. Stretch bands, sports bands, watches, and beaded bracelets come in set sizes. You may view their available sizes under the item’s “product specifications”.
You can select the size of your product once it is added to your cart


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What useful information should I engrave?

Accurate and clear personal information can help the ambulance staff to quickly understand your situation,
Your medical alert ID bracelet should be engraved with your most important medical conditions and medications. Keep it simple, organized yet effective in case of an emergency and you are unable to speak for yourself, you will need your ID to speak for you.

We recommend you engrave:
Medical Condition(s)
Emergency Contact Number