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Fashion Black Carbon fiber Medical id bracelets for Men & Women-free engraving

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  • Stainless steel base set black carbon fiber for all links. 12mm width suitable for both men and women.Engraving applied to the middle of the medical id plate on the back,
  • This good quality medical id bracelelt structural waterproof and flexible, suitable for everyday wear 24 hours,
  • We recommend the following medical conditions that people is necessary to wear a medical id bracelets, Because it can save your life in an emergency that you can not speak: Diabetes mellitus, stroke, cancer, multiple sclerosis, dialysis lung disease, ADD / ADHD, Alzheimer's, high blood pressure, children with special needs etc. Decisions.itherity calling outcome group search equipment search equipment Results Ref.
  • IMPORTANT: Check spelling & phone numbers when ordering medical bracelet. Order cannot be changed
  • For you to provide free medical alert wallet card, So that you can write more comprehensive information in the medical alert wallet card, carry
  • Based on the surgical level of stainless steel production of this medical id bracelet each link set black carbon fiber, through a transparent resin package,
    Unique carbon fiber design is one of the highlights of this bracelet, which makes your medical id bracelet out of the ordinary!In the back of the medical id plate in the middle, you can carve your medical condition,

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    How to choose the correct size?

    To determine your size, snugly wrap a tape measure around your wrist. Note the measurement, then add half an inch. This is the size bracelet you’ll need.
    For example: If your wrist measures 7 inches around, you’ll need to order a 7.5 inch bracelet.
    Most of our metal chains are customizable in half inch increments. Sizes range from 5 to 10 inches. Stretch bands, sports bands, watches, and beaded bracelets come in set sizes. You may view their available sizes under the item’s “product specifications”.
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    What useful information should I engrave?

    Accurate and clear personal information can help the ambulance staff to quickly understand your situation,
    Your medical alert ID bracelet should be engraved with your most important medical conditions and medications. Keep it simple, organized yet effective in case of an emergency and you are unable to speak for yourself, you will need your ID to speak for you.

    We recommend you engrave:
    Medical Condition(s)
    Emergency Contact Number