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Velcro Sport Medical id bracelet for boy and girl


Customize your order

  • A Polished Stainless steel Swipeable plate with a Red Medical id symbol and pre-engraving Medical condition
  • 1 inch wide Velcro nylon band with a square medal mark "SPORT ID"The length can be adjusted.
  • GREEN and PINK length is 7.5",
  • BLUE and RED length is 8.5"
  • It’s important to choose the right length and color.
  • pre-engraved diabete type 1 / blood thinner / diabetes on insulin / no bp/iv/needles this arm
  • Stylish sports style, waterproof, best for outdoor, adventure, travel, strong bracet enough to deal with various situations
  • The slideable plate supports replacement. If your plate wears out, you can order the plate separately for replacement.
  • Free medical alert wallet card,White gift box packaging,a great gift to a friend, son, daughter and your own.

A energetic medical id bracelet using Velcro nylon band, easy to wear, strong, will not fall, not only can be worn on your hand, you can also tie your shoes, your backpack, or other belongings, very practical!
The length is adjustable, the 7.5" version is available for customers with a wrist size of 7-8.5" and the 8.5" version is available for customers with a wrist size of 8-9.5"