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Noble Heart Medical id bracelet for Women,Mom,Girl-free engraving-Great gift


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  • Shiny polished Stainless steel nice heart links with a heart id plate
  • Double heart link,Each link and the medical id plate with With color enamel heart
  • ENGRAVING TIPS: 1.Medical condition 2.Medication/Allergies 3.ICE: Contact Number - Engraving is not proof read and can not be changed.
  • Double Check spelling, grammar, & phone numbers before ordering. Engraving cannot be changed.
  • Free Medical alert wallet card Can let you record more medical conditions

    Fashion heart design women medical id bracelet,5/16" width heart links bracelet,each link with double heart,a hollow catch of an enamel,1 1/2" length medical id plate with a red enamel medical id symbol,
    The back can do engraving 3 lines text for your medical condition. We provide you with free engraving services, You only need to tell us that you need to customize the engraving of the content, we can provide you with free engraving services.
    Free engraving service allows you to save the cost, it can provide you with all the medical id bracelet function.
    Wear a medical id bracelet in the key moment to save your life, This is mainly because it engraving your key medical situation, What is a good medical engraving? Should include these elements Your name Medical condition / drug Contact person / emergency telephone number
    The following is a good example:
    Sandy Gurno
    ICE: 123456789

    ICE is recognized as an abbreviation for "In Case of Emergency" and is conditioning listed before your emergency phone number instead of a name. Back engraving more help protect your privacy!
    Who need a Medical id bracelet?

    Diabetes, epilepsy, autism, allergies, coumadin, waffarin, heart diease, pacemaker, asthma, COPD, stroke, cancer, multiple sclerosis, dialysis lung disease, ADD / ADHD, Alzheimer's, high blood pressure, children with special needs etc.